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Today we have an interesting interview and a wide variety of gorgeous photos from Adrian Davies!



Hello and Welcome to Design Splat Adrian!

To get the readers started tell us a bit about what you do:

I have my own photography business based in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire. My wife Katrina works as second photographer for bigger events and weddings.

How did you get into Photography?

I have always loved photography but took it up as my job in March 2009 after I took early retirement as a full time nurse and part time fire-fighter.

What aspect of Photography?

We mainly photograph weddings and studio portraits (of people and pets!). I also shoot for a local magazine (STISH), undertake some commercial and event work and have sold a few landscapes.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I would be very happy to be doing what I’m doing now.

Freelance photographer/Own business or working for a company?

As above:-D

What drives you/gives you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

Now that is a good question

…I’m going to go away for ten minutes to have a think about it…

.. I’m back! I think it is the joy of creating something that you and others enjoy. I love that moment when I have opened my new shots on the computer and they look as good as or better than I hoped. It’s then that I call people in to have a look with me. (Not strangers in from the street, just those who are near my office at home).

I love it when I put a slide show of my newest shots on and whoever is with me says as they appear on the screen –

That’s nice
Oh that’s a good shot
I like that one
Oh that’s a good one
Nice depth of field
That’s nice
Oh isn’t she pretty
Nice focus
Lovely colours! Etc

I think it is exciting to try and create something beautiful from a situation where it might not otherwise be noticed.

I honestly have to say it was my Dad’s photos that really inspired me and made me realise what effect a good photo could have. His photos were just shots of us kids growing up but to me, they are fine art. (The one of a little boy kissing his Mammy at the doorstep below is one of my Dads. I am wearing the plaid trousers on the left of this shot. I was fined £50 after this for crimes against fashion. It was the ’70s though).
I have often wondered which are better, the memories of a time or the photos (is this where Harry Hill leans on the desk and says “which are better, the memories of a time or the photos. There’s only one way to find out. FIGHT!”).
I think a photograph capture moments that link us to each other, our history and environment and because of that they make our lives better (usually). I’m so sorry I just reread that last bit and I think I sound like a bit of a luvvy. Sorry, I wish I could say it in a less pretentious way but I do mean it.

Can you recall the first photo you took that made you go WOW!?

I have included a scan of a photo I took of my son about 20 years ago (it’s the one with the little boy holding a bunch of flowers). It’s probably not particularly impressive to anyone but us but we loved it. It did make me think more about what I could create with photography though.

Does fame attract you?

Heck yeah! I can’t wait to be on the red carpet strutting my stuff with my mates Brad, Sylvester and Johnny. Actually I’m joking, I couldn’t be less interested.

How do you feel about photo manipulation?

Pixels were born to be abused. If it makes the photo better go for it.

How do you rate yourself as a photographer?

Better than I have been, not as good as I’m going to be. OK I evaded the question. In truth there are days I am really happy with my work. The next I am moaning I have lost my Mojo. I realise now that this is all part of the creative process. Some days will be better than others. It is the hunt for a great shot that makes it fun.

What makes a good photographer?

A good photographer is observant, patient, optimistic, enthusiastic and good with people.   They also have to be an artist and a story teller.

Also,  I have to write this in caps IT IS NOT THE CAMERA! Great photos can be made using a disposable camera. Yes good kit can steer you towards a great shot. It can also steer you away from one.

I’m sure you know but never say to a photographer “that’s a great shot, you must have an excellent camera!”  No one said to Shakespeare “Great sonnet. You must have an excellent quill”

Do you think the Photography Industry is difficult to break into? Are you worried about the amount of competition with more and more people becoming photographers?

The good thing about photography is your work speaks for itself. A good photo is a good photo. Get your work seen and people will come to you. I spend very little on advertising. Most of my work is from word of mouth.

I am not worried about competition. There will be better than me in some areas and there will be worse than me in others. I am happy doing what I am doing.

Three words to describe yourself?

A family man

Hobbies and other interests?

I love music – Jeff Buckley, Foo Fighters, Beatles, Red Hot Chilli Peppers (If anyone knows of a band called “Jeff and the Red Hot Beatle Fighters” please let me know where they are playing, I’m in.

I love films -Godfather, Romeo and Juliet (Baz Lhurman), Leon, The Jerk (again if anyone knows of a film where a mafia boss’ daughter marries a jerk from an enemy family and sends an assassin in to get him let me know)

My other big hobby is cider. (If anyone has any cider I’m in)

Favourite photographer?

There are the classics like Ansel Adams and the newer guys like Chase Jarvis

I have recently found Erin T on Flickr who is excellent. She has a quirky theme to her shots that I love. Here’s a link to her photostream it is worth a look

Any Tips and tricks you want to share with aspiring Photographers?

Take lots of photos and be critical of the results.
Don’t be disheartened by the bad one but decide why they didn’t work and how you can improve.

Look at lots of photos. Decide which you like and why. Do the same for those you don’t like.

Make a list of things you want to photograph and work through that list.

Keep at it. 99% of success is turning up.

If you are a digital Photographer then BACK UP (sorry about the caps again). Have at least 3 copies of your important shots.

Organise your shots so that when you are asked to show any type you know where they are.

Tools of the trade?

A Nikon D300, a Nikon D90 and too many lenses to list. I have an illness as far as lenses go. I can’t stop buying them. I mean, who spends £350 on a fish-eye lens! Actually that lens has been great fun —see what I mean, I can’t help myself.

Best and worst photo you’ve taken?

My best photo is always the newest one.

As for my worse they don’t live long enough to be remembered. Thankfully every keyboard comes with a delete key.


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Twitter: @adedavies


Panoramia: (these photos can also be found in Google Earth)

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Some of Adrian’s Photography Work:


Glen Wheeler

Some Nice shots, nice to see some more photography interviews on DS!

Bernie Black

Absolutely brilliant Ade. Really enjoyed the interview, and the photos are great. Love your modesty and your sense of humour.
Wishing you continued success
Lots of love
Bern xxx

Donna Davies

Love the photos Age, brilliant interview your sense of humour comes shining through as always xxx

Ann Gamble

well reading that took me out of the mundane.
Really enjoyed and love your work. Keep on smiling.
Ann from the White (kidwelly)

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