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The second feature we have today is the first feature of our Graphic Designer Week! This is an interview with Becky Bryant from Print and Pixels who may only just be starting new to the Graphic Design field but has the talent and attitude to do well and achieve her goals!



Hello and Welcome to Design Splat Becky!

How did you get into Graphic Design?

I feel a bit old typing this!

I first got into it when I was picking my GCSE options in ’97, chose Graphic Design as my ‘techonology’ option.  It was around the same time I got a PC so I began to play around with it.  Then came the internet, and generally fooling around with Photoshop and making awesome .gif filled table based websites (it was the 90’s!).  Left  college not knowing what to do, the career guidance for art & design wasn’t vast, and fell into a job at a local newspaper’s pre-press/advertising department a few years later.  The job allowed me to go to college part time, where I first did an OCN course in desktop publishing, illustration and photo manipulation.  I learnt a fair bit, but not as much as I did from the internet and work. A couple years after that I plucked up the courage to take an HNC in graphic design, whilst still working at the ‘paper. I’ve always liked typography and figuring out how and why things are designed the way they are, so it seemed like a natural progression.  I finished the HNC last year and now am starting to look for small freelance jobs to broaden my portfolio.

When creating graphics, what to you is the most important aspect: planning design or implementation? and why?

Planning I think would be the most important aspect. I used to drive straight into InDesign or Photoshop with no preparation.  However, it’s never a good idea to build a house with no foundation. Thus I think even spending 5 minutes sketching or researching the subject is time well spent.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In the Bahamas on a Yacht!  However, in reality, I’d like to be working for myself, either as a freelancer (my Dad’s always been self employed, he’s good inspiration), or running a small print shop/design company possibly with an educational element. A la Carsonified, however more tailored to the local design community and print work. Even though they say “those who can, do and those who can’t. teach” I don’t believe that’s entirely true and would like to share my knowledge with others and learn some more myself.

Own Business or working for a company?

I still work at the newspaper I mentioned above.  I do bits and pieces on the side, but nothing major, and nothing in the same vein as my paid employment.  I’d like to work for myself some day 🙂

Any specific company you would like to work for?

Myself! I’m not sure, there’s so many great design firms, and smaller companies that produce great work.

Does fame attract you?

Fame, not so much. I think everyone likes recognition for their work. Designers more so, as it can be a thankless job.  People don’t generally wonder ‘who designed that awesome billboard’, unless they’re other designers. But to be recognised by ones peers is something most people apsire to.

How do you rate yourself as a designer?

I’d say good, but I still have a lot to learn. I’d really like to get my teeth into web design, so I’m slowly but surely learning to code in my spare time.

What makes a good graphic designer?

Persistance, hard work and passion

Where do you go for inspiration?

Various places, browing through online galleries, such as behance, deviantart, various posts found via twitter.  However I find the best inspiration comes from around you. Books at the library, architecture.  I’ve recently started taking photographs of old adverts from a newspaper archive from the 1920s-1950s.  The craftmanship which was involved in creating such advertisements (way before computers)  is very inspirational.

Do you think the Graphic Design Industry is difficult to get into?

Very much so.  In some areas more so than others.  It takes persistance and passion though. I don’t feel like I’m fully into it myself.

What do you think it takes to become successful in the Graphic Design industry?

Time, persistance, hard work and an ounce of luck. Sometimes you just have to be at the right place at the right time.
An element of thick skin can help too. There’s going to be times when you wonder how you’ll ever get there, or why you’re not getting the same opportunities as others.

Favourite Typeface?

I’m really digging slab serifs at the moment and have just purchased Museo Slab as I have the other variations of Museo. A couple of overall favourites would be Futura, Univers and Feel script.

Software you couldn’t live without?


Three words to describe yourself?

Red, Senile and Obsessive!

Hobbies and Interests?

Design, design, design, typography, airsoft, photography, video games.

Favourite Designer?

I don’t really have a favourite per se, but I love the constructivist movement.

Tools of the trade?

Pen, black biro, pencil, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark, Notepad

Best and worst piece of work?

Worst, hmmm there’s been a fair few pieces I’ve not been happy with. Either because of time constraints or because the client has changed things.

Best is a toss up between my ‘Print & Pixels’ logo and my ‘Design Odyssey’ Project

Any Tips or advice to share with aspiring designers?

Don’t get disheartened. Not everyone will like all your work, but take criticisms on board.  Sketch every day and keep a journal/sketchpad with you all the time.


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