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This is an interview I’ve been excited about publishing for sometime! Beth is a fantastic MUA and a bubbly girl! There are some fantastic tips here for anyone who loves make up! Hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

– Interview

Welcome to the Design Blog Beth!

Well thank you Miss Birdy!

Tell us a bit about what you do:

My names Beth, I’m 22, and am the Managing Director and Chief Make Up Artist of ‘Mua – The Make Up Artist Company Ltd.’ The company specializes in high end mobile make up and beauty to suit any occasion, from personal portfolios to proms, beauty treatments to bridal packages, or simply professional make up to make a regular night out something really special.

Our aim is make our clients look and feel flawlessly beautiful – making Mua a unique new brand of business in Cardiff and South Wales.

How did you get into Make Up Artistry?

I’ve always loved  make up and grew up watching my mother make up and my glamorous grandmother who has been wearing black eyeliner since the 50‘s, so it was the first thing I learnt to do. So really I’ve got into the industry because its a hobby that got out of control. I love make up, and am very business minded as thats what my degree is in, so I put two and two together and Mua was born!

Were you self taught of did you do a course?

A bit of both really, I feel pretty self taught after years of experimenting with make up, and playing with different textures, products and colors but in 2007 I enrolled in a Make Up and Beauty consultancy course in a local college in order to gain the relevant qualifications to support my skills. I hadn’t planned to, it was pretty much by accident that I did enroll; I was taking my cousin to enroll on the hair course, and out of interest asked the tutor if the beauty course was part time as well as full time, she said they did run a part time course so I thought why the hell not!

Why Make up Artistry/what inspired you to become a MUA?

Because its something I simply love doing, I am able to be creative and make a women feel good about themselves which is a real pleasure. I get inspired every time I get prints back from a photo shoot or watch back shots from a music video or see my model walk a runway, looking and feeling her best, and I can think to myself that I’m part of that, and its the best buzz ever – very addictive.

When did you start your business Mua-The Make Up Artist Company Ltd.?

In 2009 I registered the company as I recognized the need in Cardiff and the South Wales for a mobile make-up artist who can provide the same high end services as companies such as MAC but from the convenience of the clients home, in an environment that make the whole experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

I think that getting ready is the best part of a night out/prom etc, and it became apparent that clients don’t want to have to go into the centre of town to get make up done early afternoon (because thats the only available appointment) then go home, not be able to shower and wash their hair, by that time their make up has run anyway. Instead my clients get to enjoy the full experience of their evening or event, stress free and feeling fabulous, and still at a very competitive price.

How easy has it been to start your own business, promote and advertise?

Well you don’t need a business degree to start your own company, its easier than its ever been to register a business, and there are plenty of websites for advice, and online services that can set up all the legal stuff for you at a really decent price.

With regards to promotion and advertising the internet and sites like Facebook have completely revolutionized how business promote themselves, so you don’t really need to spend heavily, just invest the time to get your self out there. And never underestimate word of mouth, if your good at what you do, your work will speak for itself.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, at 27 I’d love to be doing what I do now but on a larger scale, have a team of talented individuals working with me, having our work published – my dream would be to have Mua’s own line of products, good quality at affordable prices, so that   the women can feel professionally made up every day.

Does fame attract you?

I cant say it does, its great being recognized for doing great work, but there is a definite difference between fame and success. Plus if I was famous I’d never be able to run into Tesco bare-faced, looking gross!

What drives you/give you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

I’m driven by the fact that I really want to make my career doing something I love. I cant bare the thought of working for the next fifty years in a job that I hate just because of the secure wage. I feel life’s too short to make money for other people, when I can take the plunge and do it for myself, as scary as it is.

Do you think the MUA Industry is difficult to break into?

Yes and no, doing what I do has been pretty straight forward because I’ve started small and am gradually working my way up. I think the difficulty breaking into the industry is that like most things, it doesn’t happen over night, its all about your name and getting out there, which needs a lot of patience and determination. I think if you’ve got the skill, ambition and determination then the skys the limit (cheesy but true!)

Describe your “Classic Approach to Beauty.” how do you define beauty?

My classic approach to beauty stems simply from working with the clients best features and coloring to create a look that best enhances their natural beauty. Although the crazy creative make up styles look amazing, its not always realistic for the woman on the street, and I think its a bit self indulgent when make up artists go wild doing what they think looks great, when the client may not feel comfortable wearing it. The make up has got to suit the face at the end of the day, every face is so different that so many individual considerations have to be taken into account.

What individual products and brands are you addicted to at the moment and you use on a daily basis?

I love everything and anything from MAC, especially the lip colors, I’m loving a shade called Pink Nourveau at the moment.
But good make up isn’t necessarily the most expensive, the best liquid eyeliner ever is  Collection 2000 – I literally couldn’t live without it.
Oooh and Benefits Bad Gal mascara – love it!

What are some of the most basic but effective skin care tips in general that you have, that are really important?

The most basic and effective tip would be… always take your make up off before you go to bed. Admittedly I don’t always practice what I preach but the fact is, the skin ages 11 DAYS ever night make up isn’t removed, so if you don’t want to look like an 80 year old on your 25th birthday, put some good facial wipes on your bedside table.

What do you think are best/worst trends in the makeup / skin care industry right now?

I think the worst trends are the media messages saying that you have to spend a small fortune on decent skin care and make up. Its really about what suits your individual skin type, for some people their skin may only suit the more expensive products, but widely thats not the case.

And with regards to skin care, the most natural and basic ingredients work best, so don’t be afraid to make home made face masks and exfoliators. Its a bit cheeky, but to let you in on a little secret, Starbucks give away their ground beans in store for free, for people to use on the garden, but if you mix some in with some natural yogurt and a drop of olive oil, you’ve got the best exfoliating moisturizer money can buy!

What feature(s) do you love to accentuate?

I love eyes, I know its predictable, but the eyes bring so much intensity into an expression, well made up they just look breathtaking. There are so many natural colors in a persons eyes to be complemented and enhanced, they’re a lovely feature to accentuate.

However, I am having a bit of a love affair with lips at the moment, you can be so creative with colors and adornments, I feel I can go a bit wild on lips.
Eyebrows I love, bigger is better when tamed, well defined cheek bones look amazing too – I cant choose!

How do you rate yourself as a MUA?

Thats a really tough one! I feel that I do a good job, and I have a natural flair for make up artistry. I’d like to think I’m pretty good, but theres always so much more to learn, I strive to get better and better.

What makes a good MUA?

The more I work in the industry the more it becomes apparent that a person has to have a natural ability to be good with make up. So much can be learnt on expensive courses but not everything.

I think a good mua is some one who has raw ability, passion, confidence in what they’re doing, creativity and is humble enough to listen to clients.

Three words to describe yourself?

Passionate, determined, ambitious (and cheeky if I’m allowed a fourth!)

Hobbies and Interests?

I’m a big family person, so I love spending time with my sister, watching X Factor and the like. I live with my boyfriend of five years and our puppy, a black labradoodle called momo, so love spending time with them. A definite hobby would be spending afternoons drinking coffee and chin waging with a good friend. Ooh, and a guilty pleasure would be that I’m addicted to car boot sales, in my search for vintage costume jewelry at bargain prices.

Favourite Photographer?

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with so many talented people…Grant Thomas is such a naturally talented person, he’ll be one to watch. Jess Hopkins’ images have a real high fashion feel, and she’s such a lovely person to work with.

Favourite MUA?

An inspirational Mua would be Alberto De Rossi, who’s work on the 1963 film Cleopatra is just breath taking.

However, I really admire the work of some local muas like Tamsin Witt-Thomas, she really has a natural gift, and also the my company’s senior make up artist Michelle Brewton has produced some outstanding work.

Tools of the trade?

A good foundation brush, black liquid eyeliner, huge false lashes and confidence.

Best and Worst piece of work in your opinion?

Best: I cant choose a best, as they’re all so different. I love the 50’s with a twist picture, taken by Moongazer Photography (actually taken in my kitchen!) I just love the styling of it, and the twist of the lip adornments.

I love the catwalk work I did for THIS IS WHAT WE CALL FASHION in the Floyds Boutique Poker section.

And also the image of Stacey Hughes, taken by Grant, her cheek bones and eyebrows are to die for. Sorry I’m so indecisive!

Worst: Would be my early work, when I was getting a feel for photographic make up, and getting too creative too quickly – biting off more than I could chew. But its all a learning curve, and I learn from every experience.

Any Tips and tricks you want to share with aspiring MUA’s?

To have confidence in your work, learn from every experience and approach it with your head and your heart, to make business of it you cant do TFP forever.

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