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I have always appreciated hairstylists, I think it’s amazing what they come up with – they make it look so easy and this weeks feature has well and truly got me excited. He is the amazingly talented Casey Coleman! I love his work and his style. Read on for a fantastic interview – get yourself some top tips for haircare and some products you may like to try!

– Interview

Welcome to the Design Blog Casey!

Well hey there Amber! 🙂 how the devil are you? =p

I’m fine thank you sweetie 🙂 To get our readers started tell us a bit about what you do:

Im a Swansea hair stylist now working Cardiff! Ive been in the industry now for three years and just love working with hair! i enjoy giving people something to smile about! I do a lot of styling for advertising campaigns for independant stores such as floyds clothing & pussy galore (cardiff stores). I also do photoshoots for glamour, fashion & alternative photographers and have had work published in a few magazines. I specialise in avante garde hairstyling and I feel I have a diverse outlook on the industry.

How did you get into Hairstyling?

Honestly, i didnt initially want to get into hairstyling! I had planned to become a fashion or textile designer! I remember sitting my last A level exam, i went into the town centre and walked past a hair salon that had an advertisement in the window for an apprentice! i havent looked back since! =)

Were you self taught of did you do a course?

I took a course in the Broadway centre for hair and beauty in swansea. I studied there for 2 years to complete my level 2 & 3 hairdressing and level 2 Barbering. i also did part time courses for avantegarde hairstyling, wig making & hair painting. The best educational experience of my life!

Why Hairstyling? What inspired you to become a hairstylist?

Once i got a job in a salon, and saw what they achieved inside the salon and out…ideas came flowing through my mind! just watching hair shows and seeing how unthinkable the hairstyles that were being created was a huge inspiration.

Do you think the Hairstyling Industry is difficult to break into? How do you become the best?

Not so much the hair styling industry, not at all infact! anyone can get into the hair styling industry! its the editorial work that is harder to get into! Im not the best so i couldnt tell you exactly how to become the best!! But i think that hard work, dedication, creativity and individuality is essential to making your way to the top!

What is your favourite or most exciting aspect about your job?

Knowing that there are no limits with hair! anything you can imagine, you could do! I have so many ideas i have a log book! as soon as they enter my head, i write them down!

What surprises you most about working as a hair stylist?

Its not so much as a surprise, its the fact i constantly gain more knowledge of hairdressing! There is always something to learn in the hair industry! The day any hairdresser says they know everything is the day they should quit!

What are some of the most basic but effective hair care tips in general that you have, that are really important?

What I find with alot of my clients is that they spend loads of money on shampoo and conditioner, only to find that theyre using way too much on the whole head! My tip is use a ten pence peace amount of shampoo and conditioner. only shampoo the root of  your hair and condtion the ends. very simple to follow, very effective, and youre not overloading the hair with too much product!

What is the one haircare tool you simply cannot live without?

Without a doubt straighteners…..I tell everyone i come into contact with, if they werent invented I wouldnt be a hair stylist!  you can do so much with them! anything thing from wave to afro curl can be achieved with a straightening iron!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Being winner of british hairdresser of the year, owning either a franchise of the salon I work in now, or owning my own salon! Lastly, being more famous than cadburys chocolate!

Are you working in a salon at the moment?

I am working in a salon at the moment! I work in Ocean concepts, 52 wellfield road, Roath, Cardiff! take a look at the website!

Does fame attract you?

Yes of course, why wouldnt it! Im determined to take the hair and fashion industry by storm! But aslong as i give a good and friendly service to all clients, in salon and out, my name will travel! Positive thinking equals positive being!

What drives you/give you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

My ambition! as previously mentioned, I am going to be more famous as cadburys chocolate! so to make this happen, my ambition must be always on high drive in the right direction! Also knowing that people are pleased with the services I provide is another drive of mine! I love the feeling i get when a client says they’re happy! =)

What individual products and brands are you addicted to at the moment and you use on a daily basis?

Im a huge tigi follower! always have been, always will be….but whilst at a seminar for schwarzkopf, I came across a product called dust it! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Its a dust that produces instant back combing…without back combing! its a dry product so unlike wax, clay, mud or gunk, it wont make your hair greasy! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Describe your “Classic Approach to Beauty” How do you define beauty?

I always think beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are so many concepts of beauty it is almost impossible to define. My perception of beauty is soft lines, flawless featuring and natural examples. Nature is a beautiful thing and i think that exaggerating nature is the perfect definition of beauty….. in my eyes!

What do you think are best/worst trends in the hair care industry right now?

Im absolutely loving undercuts at the moment! Whether its to take away unwanted weight from thick hair or to add an edge to a hair cut. Im glad that people are starting to realise that hair grows so more and more people are willing to be more daring! I LOVE IT! The worst thing in the industry at the moment is people are STILL asking for the Pob! Get over the bob people!

How do you rate yourself as a Hairstylist?

I’ve been told I’m a good hairdresser; I have a lot to give but because there is so much to constantly learn, I wouldn’t say I was the best.

What makes a good Hairstylist?

Determination, Good customer service, professionalism & knowledge! With out these you may be a good hair stylist but you won’t be the best you can!

Three words to describe yourself?

Ambitious, Professional & FUN! =)

Hobbies and Interests?

As sad as it sounds my career is my hobby and interest! ha! I just cant get enough of it! I do enjoy going to the gym and socialising too. You cant get enough socialising! I absolutely love networking too, you get to meet so many different people! Some good and some bad, but its all about the experience! 🙂

Favourite Photographer?

I have 3! David Lachapelle, one of the most inspiring photographers for originality! Anna simplypout, one of my closest friends and again one of  the most inspiring glamour photographers for originality! Grant Thomas, aged 17 and already made a name for himself, and one of the nicest guys ive ever come into contact with, not to mention his work in flawless!

Favourite MUA?

A MAC make up artist called Victoria Curtis! Never uses the same styling, always original, never a let down, a pleasure to work with and one of the hottest inked up girls i’ve met! Also a model, if ever you’re in GLAM Night club, Cardiff, she is featured as wall art and on flyers from this very shoot on roller skates! =)

Favourite Hairstylist?

Nick irwin…. check him right out! Absolutely fantastic! This guys has worked for Tigi for a while now and has been Anthony Mascolo’s right hand man. Every aspect of hairdressing there is, from commercial to avant garde, he nails individuality, style & creativity, something that I admire more and more every day! I feel so privileged to have met him and watched him work in front of a very small audience!

Tools of the trade?

My hair up brush! Amazing for any kind of hair, any kind of styling! Whether it be for extensions, wedding hair, making hair pieces or adding softness to hair… the perfect tool!

Best and Worst piece of work in your opinion?

I have none! I never think negative about work so dont have a worst, but don’t think my work is absolutely fantastic compared to other stylists out there….so don’t have a best! I do have a favourite though! =) the most random hair style, didnt plan it but it worked so well….a bird cage full of hair on a girls head…i just loved doing it and love looking at it! 🙂

Any Tips and tricks you want to share with aspiring Hairstylists?

If i told you id have to kill you! hehe! Just always try your best! ALWAYS! Never compete with others…always with yourself! 🙂

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Loving you some more Casey… 🙂 I’ve moved away from Cardiff though would come back down if you need my mop again… still looking forward to seeing the prints from our last shoot 🙂 x x

Katie pink

i love the styles

Katie pink xx

likin the hair

mike Vallance

cool interview very frank and honest.
Education, knowledge, passion, service all the keys to success.
love Avantgarde styles. wonder if you are if have heard of Mr Jon paul Holt Avantgarde VANCOUVER BC.

have a look at his work on my blog site also link to his site.

good luck CASEY with the journey before you.

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