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Posted August 11th by Design Splat in Photographers, Web Designers, Web Developer

Today we are having a catch up with Chazz Thomas who was previously featured on Design Splat here! Chazz enjoys photography and Web development and this is the career path she hopes to take! Enjoy!


Since I last spoke to Design Splat, things have taken a different turn! I got married, and I am starting to realise where my talents lie. Whilst still staying in web design and multimedia, I have branched off and become my own trade, CT Media.

CT Media specialises in web design using technologies such as CSS, PHP and HTML. However, that’s not the only thing I have been up to. I’ve also been branching out into digital photography, after having several comments about having a keen eye. I like to take photographs and I try not to edit any of them, especially not heavily, as I believe that if a photo is a good photo you should not have to edit them.

I have been working with local models and bands, as well as artists. I have started to get a larger list of clients, although still very small for the time being. Several people that I collaborate with regularly is Isobel Collins, for her Bizzy Babies tie-die clothes website, Lady Noctis for her modelling photography, and Angel Illustrations as webmaster for his fan-base website.

I’m currently waiting to hear about a web developer position over the summer, so *fingers crossed!* Hopefully you’ll see more of CT Media very soon!

Check out the website and work,



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