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Today we have the fun, quirky and colourful jewellery creations from Clutterfly! They are absolutely gorgeous and are all handmade! Check out the interview and be sure to visit their website!

– Interview

Hello and Welcome to Design Splat Clutterfly Jewellery!

Now to get the readers started how did you get into hand-making jewellery?

It was completely by accident! We were both Unemployed and had been job searching for months! So due to boredom we decided we should have a hobby! As it turns out it was making jewellery! We Decided to try and earn a few pennies by putting them on myspace and within a month we were contacted by various companies about stocking them. It was a complete suprise but gradually the company just continued to grow. We were very lucky to have a friend Paul who run Tropica Web Design who offered to build a website for free for us. Without Paul we may not be where we are today as it was their kindness that helped us start out.

Where did the name Clutterfly Jewellery come from?

When we started Clutterfly we were jobless and skint! so we started taking our old Jewellery and turning it into something new basically making clutter into something pretty like a butterfly! haha

What inspires you and influences your designs?

Our biggest influences are tattoos, Mexican, Burlesque and anything nautical.  We are both a little crazy when it comes to tattoos and i think it reflects in our work, sometimes it’s not always a good thing! haha

Which product is your personal favourite?

My personal favourite is anything in the Day of the Dead range.  I adore anything mexican which explains the vast colour ranges we have!

How long does it take to make one product?

It depends on what it is our products can take anything from an hour to five hours to make. We dont limit ourselves when it comes to time which sometimes is at our own detrement!

Do you see the market expanding for handmade jewellery products?

I think the market for handmade jewellery has been growing for years but its becoming increasingly harder to find anything original. I think that people under estimate how hard it is and unfortunately the market is becoming saturated with crudly made items which i feel is giving the handmade market a bad name

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

5 years older and slightly more wrinkly! haha I want to continue to grow the brand and move into other avenues such as clothing and homeware. Currently we are stocking other small businesses who handmake everything, i would like to play a bigger part in helping other small companies to grow by supporting them and advising them what to do and more importantly what NOT to do! 😀

Any new exciting products being added to jewellery collection?

We are currently working with Diablo Jo’s(, collarorating on Fascinators that will incorporate our hearts with her unique style that will be fantastic! There are always so many ideas but very little time to make them a reality.

What drives you/gives you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

Before we started Clutterfly I worked in a joke shop and used every resource and bit of energy to help the business grow, unfortunately it was a very thankless job. Now everyday i get to see the fruits of my labour and im proud of what we have achieved so far but its not yet enough i know i can do better! It can be disheartening sometimes but all I need is one bit of good news or a lovely email from a customer and it puts the wind back in my sails!

Does fame attract you?

Not at all!  I hate the fame game and i dont understand it personally. I’m all for our company becoming a household name as long as i can stay in the background!

How do you rate yourself as a jewellery designer/maker?

Well we wouldn’t ever say that we were 100% as theres always something that can be improved. Obviously we cant be all bad as people like our designs. I would never want to think we were perfect as i think a little self doubt drives you to do better.

What makes a good handmade product?

There are 3 things that make a good handmade product.

Ideas, Design and Materials.

Its good if you have an idea but to make it great you have to have the ability to produce it well and obviously the quality of materials make a huge difference.

Do you cater for custom designs?

Pretty much everything on our website can be customised from text, colour and size. Some customers have actually given us some of our best ideas, its great to have a clutterfly free mind sometimes tocome in andpoint out the obvious!

Where can we buy your products?
Our Products can all be found on our website where you can also find a list of all our stockists.

Three words to describe yourself?

Friendly, Passionate and ever so slightly common! 😀

Hobbies and other interests?

Its very sad but Clutterfly takes up most of my time. If im not working I feel lost!  You can guarantee 7 days a week 12 hours a day I will be working on something clutterfly based!

Favourite jewellery company?

I have so many! I love Femme Metale and Classic Hardware but I have recently discovered a new company that specialises in handmade gold/silver and platinum jewellery called Purple Poison. I met her at Tattoo Jam this year and could have bancrupted myself if i had bought everything i wanted! She can customise most things and her designs are so unique! Also for quirky fun items I adore Diablo Jos! She has some of the most amazing designs and all with a price tag that wont make you feel guilty for treating yourself!!

Any tips and tricks you want to share with aspiring designers?

There are so many! We always try and help anyone who asks. The best tip I can give is if you have a great idea get it out there and make sure people know who you are! You will Get people who will copy your designs but your customers will always remain loyal to you as long as they know where to find you! 😀 Also Im part of a group on facebook called Business Buddies where we all go to help each other and share advice I cant recommend this enough as it’s a great way to build contacts and find out first hand whether something works or not!

Best and worst product you have made?

Oh god! we have made some mistakes! We designed this amazing mounted antlers pendant a while ago. It looked great but it was to fragile and the antlers snapped within seconds! The best has to be The Hearts! They are such a basic idea but we were lucky enough to capture the market and have bulit our company around them.


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