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After seeing Darlene’s work I knew immediately that she would make a great feature on Design Splat. We haven’t had many Artists featured on here but when they come around they have some amazing work! I just seem to get lost looking at the paintings Darlene’s created and the passion she haves for painting shines through.


– Interview

Welcome to Design Splat Darlene!

Now to get the readers started tell us a bit about what you do:

I am a visual artist from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  I mainly work in acrylics and mixed media.  I love large scale paintings.  The world is one big colourful, large shaped playground for me to explore through painting.

How did you get into Art?

In 2006 I was visiting Banff, Canada and I walked by an art gallery (Canada House).  There was a piece in the window that stopped me dead.  It was by Canadian artist Jeanne Aisthorpe-Smith.  I wanted that piece more then anything but the gallery was closed and we were leaving Banff early the next morning so I never even saw it on the other side of the glass window.  When I returned home I could not get the image of the painting out of my head.  I researched the artist on line and found all her work.  I received a painting kit for Christmas and I decided that I would try and paint one of her pieces.  So I did and to my surprise it looked pretty good.  End of story, I was hooked on painting.

How long have you been creating art?

I painted my first piece of art in February 2007.  Since then I have sold almost 200 pieces. I am very proud of this.

What does art mean to you?

Ohhhh…art is everything.  I live, eat , breath, sleep art.  I see a painting in all things.  It is why I wake up in the morning.

Where do the images come from that you draw/paint?

Nature, people, the sky, the ground, life experiences.  Everywhere.

What is your inspiration for these images you create?

I love colour.  Movement is something I watch.  Shapes of all things like houses, trees, skies, people.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself as a full time successful artist.

What drives you/gives you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

This is a hard one to try and explain.  There is this feeling of “I must” do this.  It is always there.

Can you recall the first painting/drawing that you created that made you go WOW!?

Honestly it was the first one, I could not believe I could paint something and it looked like a painting.  I had no idea I had that in me.

What is the most memorable painting/drawing that you have done and why?

“Dark Angel”   I lost my brother two years ago and I painted this piece on the year anniversary of his death.  It was the darkest year of my life and this piece released me from all the pain and hurt.

Does fame attract you?

Success attracts me, if fame comes with success then yes.

How do you rate yourself as an artist?

I have no idea and it is something I try not to think about.  Being an artist comes with so many emotions.  How does one ever know how good/bad they are.  It is about perspective.  Some people see your stuff and say “WOW”, others see your stuff and say “Ha I could do that”.  Galleries reject you, people embrace you.  One day you get favourite artist at a show and the next some person jurying you says the think you are nothing.  You sit in your art room and think “I am amazing” and the next day it is “I am terrible, who would even look at this garbage”?  It is a roller coaster.  The less self measuring I do  the happy I am.  My art is what it is and will be what it will be.

What makes a good artist?

A good artist is one that is passionate about their work.  They don’t give up no matter how many obstacles they face.  They create no matter what others say.  They create art for themselves and refuse to give up on their dream, whether their dream is to paint two paintings no one ever sees or be in a gallery with the whole world admiring.  It is not about fame and glory, it is about creating.  There is so much trash out their saying that an artist has to do it a certain way or be part of a certain group, be recognized by their peers etc.  I think a  good artist does not care about those things and just creates.  They figure out what is “right” for them and then go for it!

Do you paint or draw on anything else apart from canvases/on paper?

I am all canvas.

Three words to describe yourself?

Motivated.  Driven.  Passionate.

Hobbies and other interests?

I love to fish.

Favourite artist?

Me of course!  But if you mean other artists it would be Jeanne Aisthorpe- Smith because it is her work that started this all for me.  I also love Glenn Brady, he is a fellow from Australia.  He is amazing.

Any Tips and tricks you want to share with aspiring artists?

Have a website so people can see what you are talking about when you say you are a artist.  Give everyone you meet a business card.  Sell yourself but try not to be annoying.  Take chances, forget rejection and just be who you are.

Tools of the trade?

Canvas, brushes, putty knives, paint, all kinds of mixed medium products and just about anything I can get my hands on that I think will work on a canvas.

Best and worst painting you have done?

Best:   “Remember”, it is a piece that everyone comments on and loves, it is the one that gets noticed when I do something that is juried, ironically it has never sold.

Worse…those ones get cut up and made into something else so they remain unnamed.

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