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Who is edgE? Well this weeks Design Splat feature is about the Visual Artist from London who’s work can be seen in work can be seen in fashion, advertising, music videos and much more! We delve into the personality and what makes edgE who he is. More to the point did we find out who edgE was?! No but…Enjoy!

– Interview

Welcome to Design Splat edgE!

Now to get the readers started tell us a bit about what you do:

I’m a fine artist and fashion director, known also for my history in the graffiti scene.

How did you get into Art?

I have always done art, it is a part of my life like breathing and sleeping.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you ever imagine being an artist?

When I was 7 years old I appeared on Rolf’s Cartoon Club. He asked, “do you want to be an animator when you grow up.” To which I replied, “NO, I want to be an artist.” In truth I have always been an artist.

How long have you been creating art?

All my life.

What does art mean to you?

It is the beginning, it is what first inspires design and architecture. It is also a way of appreciating what is already created, whether in the natural world or that which is man made.

Where do the images come from that you draw/paint?

My imagery varies greatly but I do love portraits.

What is your inspiration for the images you create?

People, fashion, the sky, even fabric shops..

How did you get into the fashion industry with your art skills?

As a child I would play with clothes, distressing jeans and dying garments. I have customized clothes with print, paint and embroidery for years.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

More of the same really.. More shows, more collaborations..

What drives you/gives you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

I am inspired by beauty to create beauty.

Can you recall the first painting/drawing that you created that made you go WOW!?

One of my favourite works was a pair of charcoal drawings of Eagles I did when I was 8 that were realistic.

What is the most memorable project you have worked on and why?

I think the time and energy I put into painting a portrait of Scarlett Johansson freehand in full colour with spray paint.

Does fame attract you?

Fame helps you sell work. It is a means to an end, something you need to embrace to be successful.

Whats the dream ambition?

Make poverty history, who knows?

How do you rate yourself as an artist?

Hopefully too humble to answer such a question.

What makes a good visual artist?

Someone who can recreate images or such like of what exists but can also create something fresh and new.

Three words to describe yourself?

Passionate, motivated and hard working.

Hobbies and other interests?

All sorts from singing, dancing and mixing vinyl on real turntables..

Favourite artist?

At the moment I’m into William Holman Hunt’s Scattered Sheep.

Any Tips and tricks you want to share with aspiring visual artists?

Just persevere.

Tools of the trade?

Fine quality oil paint. Michael Harding’s is good stuff.

Best and worst project you have worked on?

Best has to be working in Abu Dhabi and having the works displayed in the Airport. Worst, not being paid for a months work by a big company..


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