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Today we have the lovely girls Aliya and Kirsty from Isla Scanties. Isla Scanties is a new lingerie brand that is unique, sexy and beautiful.


Hello Girls and Welcome to the Design Splat!

Tell us a bit about what you do and your brand:

Aliya: We both graduated from DMU University this year with BA (HONS) in Contour Fashion, a course specialising in lingerie and swimwear. We decided to set up our own label Isla Scanties this summer because it gives us a chance to do what we truly love! Design and make beautiful lingerie!
Kirsty: Through sharing the same interests and styles we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to exhibit items that we both love and hopefully attract customers that appreciate our unique ‘Scanties’.

Where did the idea for your brand come from?

Aliya: We both love designing and by starting up our own brand we have so much freedom with what we can design. The original idea behind the label ‘Isla Scanties: Unique Panties’ was creating one off pairs of knickers to sell on the market. We then decided we’d branch out into making sets and other lingerie items. What we want to offer is a feeling of originality so that the customer knows that they own a unique item which can’t be mass produced.
Kirsty: We want our customers to feel special when they are wearing our brand. A girl can never have too much lingerie and the thought that you are the only person wearing a specific design helps portray a girl’s individuality and personality.

What type of lingerie?

A: It’s all a bit of silly nonsense! The great thing about our brand is that we can just have fun with it… Our items are fun, colourful and trend driven. You’ll see large silk bows, lace inserts, vintage buttons, tassels and unusual fabrics.
K: Although we centralise a lot of our inspiration towards current fashion trends; we find it imperative to put our own personality into each individual piece that we create. To ensure that our customers are offered something different to what the rest of the high street and designer lingerie stores are selling.

Who is your target audience?

A: We’re aiming our designs at women aged 18 to 28 who want something unique and fashion forward.
K: Although the majority of our sets are aimed towards women in their 20’s, our wide variety and ever-changing styles occasionally allow females of all ages to feel that certain designs would compliment their style.

Do you have your lingerie in any stores yet?

A: Well we have our first boutique buying from us called Fairies and Floozies who we’ve designed an exclusive little range for! It’s very exciting having our first buyer!
K: As we have only recently started up we are delighted to have our first boutique showing interest in our designs, and we hope to attract more buyers in the future.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: It’s our dream to have our own workshop and boutique! We want to offer a bespoke service in the future so we need a place that people can visit, chose fabrics, colours, and design it themselves! I want it to be an Aladdin’s cave of trinkets, goodies and beautiful fabrics!
K: It would be amazing to be successful at what we love doing. We’re taking things one day at a time at the moment and just hope we can keep making panties that the public love.

Anything big planned for your collection? Anything else being added?

A: Well we’re still in the early stages of it all so we’re still checking out the market and seeing what sells best but we love the idea of keeping the collections very unique and not mass produced and very fashion focused. We are very driven and inspired by catwalk and outer wear trends and translate this onto our designs

In your eyes what makes a good lingerie designer?

A: A good designer knows how to make garments fit well, there’s nothing worse than ill-fitting lingerie, you need to create garments which flatter the body and make the wearer feel special.
K: It is important at Isla Scanties to choose quality over quantity. As we are not mass-producing items with reels of the same fabric, we can offer well designed sets made with quality material. We want to offer the perfect fit, design and fabric to accustom every individual.

Do you think the Fashion/Clothing industry is difficult to break into?

A: It is very hard and very competitive, there’s so much talent out there. But you just have to be determined to achieve what you want! I think the best thing to do is work your way up from the bottom, gaining experience and learning from your mistakes.
What do you think it takes to become successful in the design industry?
A: Originality and a unique selling point! You also have to be prepared to work very hard, especially when you’re first setting a business up.
K: Without meaning to fall into the cliché, we know that it is going to be an uphill battle to establish ourselves in the industry but we hope to always maintain our own influence and individuality in our designs.

What to you is the most important aspect of creating a garment, the planning, design or implementation and why?

A: I think it’s all important really, I love sourcing fabrics and trimmings, it gets me all excited about the designing process. I think it’s also very important that we finish our garments well as our main selling point is that all our garments are all hand made and our customers are paying for good quality items.

What drives you/give you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

A: There’s something very exciting about doing markets and selling to buyers for boutiques, seeing people showing an interest in your designs. I also love being very hands on with designing and making, so I genuinely enjoy doing what I do! What can be better than getting paid for something you love doing!
K: I can’t say much more than Aliya, it’s great to have direct interaction with the customer and see appreciation for the work you have done.

Does fame attract you?

A: I’m not drawn to fame at all, I’d love for our brand to be successful and well known and I would love publicity for our products but I don’t really want to be in the limelight!
K: As long as the Isla gets the publicity I’ll be happy. It would be great to see some celebs wearing our garments though. We need to get hold of Beyonce’s number first though.

Where does your inspiration come from for your designs?

A: Absolutely everywhere! Magazines, places I’ve seen… I love working with colours so that’s my major input in the designing process and Kirsty’s very trend driven so I think we compliment each other well. We both have very different backgrounds so inspiration comes from all over the place.

Where can we buy your items?

A: Well at the moment we’re doing markets in London the first weekend of every month. We will usually post out the details of where we are going to be on our facebook page to let our fans know, but we’re hoping to approach lots of little London boutiques with our designs aswell.

Three words to describe yourself?

A: Energetic, Colourful and determined
K: Creative, enthusiastic and passionate.

Hobbies and other interests?

A: I love travelling, dressing up, clubbing and the beach! Ooh and I love seafood!
K: Hmmm, I love singing and anything to do with fashion and definitely food.

Favourite Lingerie Designers?

A: Mimi Holiday, Pussy Glamore and I love Strumpet & Pink Knickers…They’re so over the top!
K: Agent Provocateur, Bordelle and Givenchy.

Tools of the trade:

A: My amazing fabric scissors! Still saving up for an industrial overlocker!
K: My Brother sewing machine, it’s never let me down.

Any Tips or advice to share with aspiring designers?

A: I think it’s great to get some experience within the industry under your belt and just work hard for what you want!
K: I think it’s important to be driven and dedicated, and don’t be knocked back by any put downs. Just stay strong and be yourself.


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