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Posted April 13th by Design Splat in Fashion, Hair Stylists, MUA's, Photographers

The feature this week on the Design Blog is Jess Hopkins – Photographer/ MUA/ Hairstylist.

Jess is an 18 year old girl from Cardiff who started photography at a young age of 16, 2 years on and she has her own business. Jess has achieved a lot and has worked with some great people. Attitude is everything in the design industry and Jess certainly has the right attitude to go far!

– Interview

Welcome to the Design Blog Jess!

Jess Hopkins

Jess Hopkins

Tell us a bit about what you do:

I Do Lots Of Things, Mainly Its My Photography Business Makeography. People Who Want A Shoot Come To My House – I Do Their Hair And Make Up & Then Take Them To A Location & Do The Shoot! My Prices Are Pretty Cheap, Compared To These Big Photography Businesses Which I Think Is What Entices People! Mind You I Might Put People Off By The Fact I Don’t Shut Up!

What aspect of Photography?

Fashion – Sometimes Going Into Beauty. No Glamour – Naked People Make ME Feel Awkward HaHa!

How did you get into Photography?

Me & My Friends Being Vain Really! We Used To Love Slapping On Make Up And Taking Photos Of Ourselves! My Dad Decided To Invest In A Proper Camera A While Back, Which I Quickly Decided Was Now Mine.

Why Photography?

Cause Im Not Pretty Enough Or Tall Enough To Model….. Hmmm…, Seriously? I Don’t Know! Sorry I’m Rubbish.

When did you start your business Makeography?

Summer of 2007! 16 Going On 17!

How did you start your own business, promote and advertise at such a young age?

Started on Myspace, Added A few Randoms & It Went From There Really – I’m Now On All The Social Networking Sites. I Think When You Do One Or Two People, Word Of Mouth Is Your Best Friend, Most Clients I Get Are A Friend Of A Friend Of Someone I Have Already Shot. I Try To Get Involved With A Lot Of The Fashion Events – Such As Arranging Fashion Shows Etc, Just To Get My Name Out There!

Is photography your main career path or is it more of something on the side till you graduate from uni?

As Much As I Would Love To Make It My Career Path I Don’t Think Its A Realistic Goal For Me, At The Moment It’s Fun & I Wouldnt Want To Make It Full Time Work Or Else I’d Resent It.

Will you still be doing Photography after you graduate?

Maybe On The Side – I’d Like To Open My Own Studio When I Retire, Just As A bit Of Money On The Side – So a Long Way Off Yet.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I Want To Have A Family Fairly Young – So Hopefully Settled. My Dream Career Would Be Working As A Fashion Marketer For A Major High Street Chain – I’d Like To Stay Local So Maybe Peacocks?

Own business or working for a company?

I Don’t Handle Stress Well So Working For A Company Would Probably Be Better!

Does fame attract you?

Hmmm, I Guess Not. I’d Probably Annoy People To Much – I’d Be Someone Like Jodie Marsh – Who Everyone Wants To Slap!

What drives you/give you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

My Dad, He’s Always Pushed Me To Reach For The Best. I Owe Him Alot.

Do you think the Photography Industry is difficult to break into? Are you worried about the amount of competition with more and more people becoming photographers?

Definately! Hence Why I Dont Want To Really Choose It As A Career! I’m Not Paticulalrly Worried Though, Alot Of Things Depend On Your Attitude Rather Than Merely Just The Quality Of Your Work.

How do you rate yourself as a Photographer?

Pretty Rubbish – But Other People Think Im Alright So I Cant Be That Bad.

How do you rate yourself as a MUA/Hairstylist?

Hmmm This Is Hard, I Havent Had Training In Either -I’m Not Very Good With Hair -I Can Just About Do My Own! I Love Doing Make Up, I’d Like To Think Im Fairly Good – Would Love To Do a Course – Some Of The MUA’s I Have Worked With Before Have Amazed Me With Their Work – Id Love To Be That Good.

What makes a good Photographer?

Someone Who Is Willing To Admit That It’s Sometimes Their Fault – Not The Models!

What makes a good MUA/Hairstylist?

Someone Who Is Committed & Fun To Work With!

Three words to describe yourself?

Novel, Annoying, Talkative

Hobbies and Interests?

Shopping, Clubbing, Photography (Ofcourse!), Random Road Trips.

Favourite Photographer?

Nigel Barker (Just Cos Hes HOTT!)

Favourite MUA/Hairstylist?

Jazmine Ali & Casey Coleman – Fantastic Team To Work With

Tools of the trade?

Canon EOS 40D

Best and Worst piece of work in your opinion?

Best: My Favourite Picture is The Black &  White One Of my Friend Soph Standing By A Door With Gentleman Written On It!

Sophie - Gentlemen

Sophie Ryley

Worst: I Have Far Too Many Bad Ones

Any Tips and tricks you want to share with aspiring photographers?

More Advice Than Tricks I Guess – Don’t Let Others Opinions Put You Down.


Jess is truly talented and her photography is amazing, she has achieved a lot in the last two years.

To see more of Jess’ work or to contact her for a shoot:

Jess’ – Makeography Facebook:

Jess’ – Makeography Myspace:

Jess’ – Makeography Model Mayhem:

Jess’ Client Feedback:

Jess’ Email


Some examples of Jess’ Photography:

Jade Newton

Butterfly Set

Amy Wilson Butterfly Set

Floyds Clothing

Naomi Cowley - Floyds Clothing Image


Jess is currently organising a Fashion Show in aid of Joshua Foundation,
To get tickets contact Jess or follow this link to the facebook group

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