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Posted July 30th by Design Splat in Artists, Body Artist, Body Painter, Prosthetics

Today we are having a catch up with John Davis who has been previously featured on Design Splat here! He is an extremely talented bodypainter with a strong creative mind! Check out his new images, new website and pop along to the Welsh Face & Bodypainting Festival!


Hi there!!

I have been asked to update what’s been happening in my little corner of the world of paintyness since i last did the interview for the blog.

Some of you that know me will realise how hard this is for me, even though i am big and loud I find it very difficult to blow my own trumpet or do the whole look at me thing but here goes.

Just after the last blog we had yet another fantastic Welsh Face and Bodypainting Festival of which I was really proud to be part of and cant wait for this years Festival on the 23-27 August:

I have been very lucky in my own work and veered even more towards totally using the airbrush in my work, again being lucky in working with some amazing photographers and some out of this world models, the resulting pictures I hope speak for themselves.

Again very luckily i have had a number of articles in magazines , both online and in print , so it seems someone does like my work after all.

What does the future hold, well I have the next Welsh Festie to get my teeth into, 2 galleries to prepare my work for to be exhibited (think that means I am an artist now lol), a film I am painting for in August and if that is enough I have to help put together a book of images of my work, so all in all its been a good twelve months.

There have been high’s and low’s over the last year but that is the same as everyone else, kept some good friends, made some more, hoping to make even more over the next year, having a ball painting people, so what’s there to complain about, very little, I am living the dream, might not be your dream but it’s mine and I for one cant complain about that nor shall I.

Hope you all enjoy the new work, and wish everyone well in all their own endeavours.

May you all get all that you work for, some of what you wish for, most that you desire, but all that you deserve.



Some recent images of John’s amazing work:


John Davis
International Award winning
Face and Body Art


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