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Tantalize your fashion taste buds with these gorgeous creations from K.Brat! Gorgeous handmade leather bags and belts!


– Interview

Hello and Welcome to Design Splat K Brat!

Tell us a bit about what you do and your brand:

K.Brat is a young womenswear fashion and accessories label. Created by designer Keren Brat and was launched in London UK, in 2007. The label specialised in handmade garments and accessories made from the finest materials with carful attention to details. Always aspiring to produce fashion forward and unique products with a daring edge, yet practical for everyday use.

‘Boundaries’ is the label’s 2010-11 collection, which focuses on leisure leather bags and belts. The bags are dramatically constructed and play with colours, textures and shapes. The unusual pick of lining fabrics, which were selected in East Asia, is one of the collection’s signatures. There is a constant mixture within the collection of hard against soft, traditional against modern, which allow the clients to enjoy both worlds in a harmonious composition.

Where did the idea for K.Brat come from?

I have moved to London 10 years ago to peruse my life dream of self-express my vision through fashion. Starting my own label and presenting my own creations, was the natural progression for me after completing my Fashion design and technology BA degree at the London College of Fashion. I continued my training and gained valuable experience in pattern cutting, sewing, designing and using various surface textile techniques, while working with London based fashion designers, Louis De-Gama and Aluma Klein.

Where did the name K.Brat come from?

My full name is Keren Brat, K.Brat just sounds right to represent my brand.

What type of items do you create?

I was trained in womenswear design and I am passionate about creating great garments that enhances women’s beauty and confident. I’ve always been fascinated by leather as a medium in Fashion.  At the moment my collection is all about constructed leather bags and corseted belts. The label is also producing special orders for womenswear garments and one-off modern wedding dresses. In my next collection, I will be introducing soft separates day wear as well as evening wear and I’m constantly sketching and playing with ideas for my next creations!

Who is your target audience?

My target audience are women in their late 20-40’s, that appreciate quality, hand made garments and unique design. The label targets strong, independent modern women who want to stand out from the crowd.

Do you have your items in any stores yet?

At the moment I am speaking to a few boutiques as well as private buyers about buying my latest collection.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I am hoping that in 5 years, K.Brat will be showing regularly in London Fashion Week. I hope my garments will be sold in luxury department stores, and open my own boutique.

Anything big planned for your collection of items? Anything else being added?

I would like to expend the label to and introduce new womenswear and menswear collections, accessories, footwear and jewellery.

How do you rate yourself as a fashion designer?

I don’t like to compare and grade my label. I like the product to speak for itself and judged by other people.

In your eyes what makes a good fashion designer?

A good fashion designer always strives to push forward, be inspired and see beauty everywhere, be self motivated and never stop learning about fashion as a craft.

Do you think the Fashion industry is difficult to break into?

I think the fashion industry is one of the hardest ones to get into. Its a fact that most designers who finish their training won’t work as designers. I think the designers that succeed need to understand their market, need to learn the industry, need to be able to predict future trends and their client needs. But most of all shine!

What do you think it takes to become successful in the design industry?

I think one needs great talent in order to put something new in an overcrowded market, faith, patience, great marketing strategy, be able to multi-task and have a lot of luck.

What to you is the most important aspect of creating an item, the planning, design or implementation and why?

The most important aspect is the design process and the experimenting with the shapes, lines and forms. It starts by translating the concept, being able to see things in 3-D even before they are created and to execute it beautifully.

What drives you/give you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

The fact that I wanted to do this since I was 12 doesn’t hurt… and lots of coffee.

Does fame attract you?

I don’t think I was ever so worried about becoming famous, I want K.Brat to be about creating a great product which shines on its own, but I understand that in the real world the designer is part of the brand and self promoting is very important.

Where does your inspiration come from for your designs?

My designs and vision are deeply influenced and inspired by cultural studies of tribal customs and art forms worldwide. Together combining my two greatest passions; Fashion and Anthropology.

Where can we buy your creations?

At the moment, the products can be purchased direct by contacting the label through my website. In the very near future the products will be sold in exclusive boutiques as well as on-line shops, so watch this space.

Three words to describe yourself?

Passionate, creative and adventuress.

Hobbies and other interests?

Travelling the world. Utopia seeking 🙂

Favourite Fashion Designer?

There are so many, to name a few: Ann Demeulemeester, Alexander McQueen RIP, Rick Owens, Junya Watanabe, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto.

Tools of the trade?

Leather hummer and Pinking shears.

Any Tips or advice to share with aspiring designers?

Have faith, be humble, don’t stop learning or creating! be confidant and yes… go to marketing classes…


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