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Today we have something we’ve never had before! The lovely digital painting artist Karl Angel Lines as our seventeenth feature. He has done some great work! Check out the interview and check out his work!


– Interview

Welcome to the Design Blog Karl!

Karl Angel Lines

Karl Angel Lines

Tell us abit about what you do:

I am an artist, currently specialising in Digital painting. I think to break it down I paint pretty pictures.

How did you get into Art?

Completely by accident really, I had a really good teacher in school who encouraged me and had a lot of faith in me, and eventually accepted me on to A level Art without ever sitting a GCSE in the subject, so from that moment I dropped my intention of being in Computers for a life of imagination and creativity..

What does art mean to you?

Art is emotion, the best art in the world makes you feel what the artist wants you to feel, I have been priveleged enough to witness a caleidascope of emotions in many art galleries, some intentionally provoked by the nature of the work, some were spontanious outbursts of emotion. When you have seen someone burst into tears just staring at a picture you know that the artist has succeded.

Where do the images come from that you draw/paint?

I wish I knew! Seriously though each picture is a piece of myself on a page, what I may have been feeling on that particular moment of inception can be seen on the page, personally I can look back on some of my work and know exactly where I was in life at that moment.

What is your inspiration for these images you create?

There are times when I can just be staring into space and have an image pop into my head,  or I can get inspired by other artists and writers, other times its just a case of just doodling and something will just emerge.My favourite one is laying alone in a very dark room with a CD on and seeing what my brain conjures up to match into the music, I have even drawn and painted imagery from my dreams, I think it can just strike anywhere if you are prepared to see it. Oh and drink a stupid amount of coffee, always works for me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully still painting, I’ve tied myself into a long term project that spans three seperate books, the first is released on October 6th and I think that last of them will be released in about five years time, other than that I am too much of a free spirit to make plans on houses or locations.

What drives you/gives you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

It is a genuine love of what I do, I keep creating because I love it there would be a big hole in my life if I stopped and I could never fill it with anything else.

Can you recall the first painting/drawing that you created that made you go WOW!?

Yes, it was a pencil piece, actually the last pencil piece I properly rendered a sort of Goddess piece directing a wild ocean where horses were merged with the rolling waves. It was all done at a whopping 50 x 70 cm in nothing but graphite pencils. When I finished  I actually sat back for a long time and studied what I had done, even today I still don’t quite fathom how I managed to do it.

What is the most memorable painting/drawing that you have done and why?

Ouch, tough question, so many to choose from, I think I have to go with Denreisha, I painted it over the course of several months and in several different towns while I travelled. It became quite a famous piece for me, earning me a shortlist from Ballistic publishing for Exposé 5 and a lot of new fans.

Does fame attract you?

Not really, I still do it all for my own love, if I got famous I think it would change my work and I fear I would start painting for others rather for my own enjoyment. Im happy with a cult following.

How do you rate yourself as an artist?

I am not the greatest, but on the flipside I don’t suck either, on a scale of 1-10 I would put myself as a 6 or 7

What makes a good artist?

The ability to make people feel something in the picture you create, plenty of imagination, and the best ones are the ones who take time to talk to the other artistss around them.

Do you paint or draw on anything else apart from canvases/on paper?

I am currently a digital painter, using Corel paint shop pro. I paint with the computer in the same manner as I used to paint with oil paints working from a drawn outline and underpainting, building up all the way to the final detailing. Some  think that digital work is cheating, but it is just a tool, an amazingly powerful one, that should be recognised for the way it is changing the face of art.

Three words to describe yourself?

Silly, sleepy, caffeinated

Hobbies and other interests?

My biggest is music, photography, reading, animation and finally Video games, we all have to blow off steam at some time.

Favourite artist?

Old masters – Titian, Modern era – Boris Vallejo, Digital art – Linda Bergkvist, should also mention Bob Ross.

Any Tips and tricks you want to share with aspiring artists?

Paint for your own enjoyment, don’t get discouraged by hard words from your peers and be as creative as you can be every day

Tools of the trade?

Quad core PC with a Wacom Intuos 2 graphics tablet running Paint shop pro X2. Daler Rowney paints and Faber Castell graphite pencils.

Best and worst painting you have done?

The best (so far) is In the quiet hour, my worst – is long gone never to haunt me ever again


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Some of Karl’s Work:







As Your World

As Your World



Quiet Hour

Quiet Hour




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Chazz Collins

Wooo!! Go Karl!!

I can’t wait to see the second Labyrinth painting, hehe, not to mention all the rest!!



Brilliant pictures! Great original ideas as well. I especially like the one called Securus.

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