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Today we have the talented, creative and beautiful Lady Noctis! She is a model and illustrator and loves to bring her art into her modelling! Enjoy the feature!


Welcome to Design Splat Lady Noctis!

Tell us a bit about what you do:

My alias is Lady Noctis, I am a petite creative model with big ambitions exploring the world through the eyes of art.
I currently reside within the Swansea area where I am currently studying a BA (hons) General Illustration, and I love expressing myself with my art may it be on a page or in front of the camera;  I hope to create illustrations of captured moments in time. I love to create quirky, surreal, comic, fantasy styled illustrations. Art is my love in life, it keeps me happy and I wish to use it to bring a smile to others.

Model Interview:

What type of modelling do you do?

I am fascinated by steampunk, gothic, macabre and fantasy works and looks to work within these areas.  In addition to this I  also enjoys playing a role when modelling and pefers to do shoots that have a strong sense of narrative; so the viewer can enjoy the image just as much as I enjoyed creating it.

What made you venture into modelling?

My first taste of modelling took place in March last year when I helped out in a local models project recreating a scene from the famous film The Labyrinth.  The shoot consisted of non-models, along with many photographers and an artist (Angel Illustrations), who would later be using the images taken from the day as reference material to create a beautiful piece of digital art.

It was then from that moment, I caught the modelling bug, and learnt that I enjoyed expressing myself in front of the camera.

How long have you been modelling for?

As mentioned previously, I had my first taste back in March 09; but it was not until November 09 that I started fully exploring the industry.

Whats your dream ambition?

My dream ambition actually consists of a molding my modelling and art as one. I wish to create my own clothing range of pin up zombies, and model the items in order to make a name and face for my art work. In addition to this, I would love to be in Bizarre magazine, Gothic Beauty magazine etc.

Who would be your dream model to do a photoshoot with?

Oh my that is a really tough choice, it would either be Nina Kate or Ulorin Vex. There are so many beautiful creatives within the industry it’s really difficult to choose.

Who would be your dream photographer to do a photoshoot with?

Again, another really tough question, there is one photographer I have always wanted to work with (Scott Chalmers); but I am luckily having the chance to work with him come September. In addition to him, I would love to work with YUKIdoll Photography, Dark Romantics Photography, and Taya Uddin. There are just so many I would love to work with I cannot simple choose one.

What would you say is your best feature?

I would have to say my eyes, as they tend to be an odd mix of hazel and amber.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully in my own art studio creating my graphic novel series, and still modelling hopefully got myself a cover on Bizarre magazine by then.

In your opinion what does it take to become successful in the modelling industry?

Determination, thick skin and self belief.

Is the modelling industry difficult to break into?

It most certainly is, it’s a mighty big pond. I am even still breaking my way in, it takes time.

Any tips/advice you would like to share with aspiring models?

Stay true to yourself, and never do anything you are not comfortable with.  Do not be afraid to have fun, if you are not enjoying your shoot this will reflect in your eyes; so make sure you always enjoy what you do.

Any current or future projects you can tell us about?

I have many shoots booked over the next few months, and even an exciting book launch of an artist known as Angel whose book I am featured in. Also as mentioned previously, I have the chance to shoot with Scott Chalmers so I am very excited about this; we are doing a Victoria Frances tribute piece, and also working on some latex shoots. In addition to this I am also in talks with Mort Couture about an exciting steampunk project I have underwraps.

When you are not modelling what are you doing?

I am creating art.

Favourite piece you’ve created?

It’s always really difficult to choose, but I do love the sets I did with Eastern Visions Photography. There is something about that series that are really dark and sinister. I am also in love with ‘Key To My Heart’ by Angel Illustrations which is the cover of his book launch in Swansea.

Worst piece?

I hate to sit here and pick a worse piece, so I will not as I see each piece created as a learning curve for myself and the photographer.

What are the worst conditions you have ever had to work in?

A cold foggy day, bare foot and cow poo…. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

What is the most important piece of advice you have been given?

Stay true to myself, and never do anything I am not 100% comfortable with doing.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

That would be my corsets, and of course my Harley Quinn Costume; what can I say I am a geek at heart.


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-Illustration Interview

How did you get into Illustration?

The question should be when was I not into Illustration, as I can honestly not tell you. It has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

When creating illustrations, what to you is the most important aspect: planning design or implementation? and why?

For me both aspects are just as important as the other, as you need both to work together in order to execute an outstanding piece of work.

Do you create your pieces by hand or with the use of the computer? Or both?

I am a traditional artist, I create my pieces by hand, though I am looking to start taking my pen work to the computer.

Where do you get inspiration for your illustrations?

Everywhere, you can find inspiration all around you.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully working in my own studio on my projects.

What’s the dream ambition?

As mentioned before, I want to design my own clothing line and have a graphic novel series out.

Does fame attract you?

Honestly, no it does not. I just want to create pieces of art to bring a smile to others.

How do you rate yourself as a illustrator/artist?

I am a tiny fish in a mighty big pond.

What makes a good illustrator?

Hard work and determination.

Do you think the design Industry will be difficult to get into? Are you worried about the amount of competition?

Of course I am, but I think with the right steps I will find my own way into the industry.

What do you think it takes to become successful in the Illustration industry?

To bring something new, and to have the skills to produce quality work.

Three words to describe yourself?

Quirky, geeky and creative.

Hobbies and Interests?

Well to state the obvious… art.
As well as that, I love gaming, music, comic books etc.

Favourite Illustrator?

Luis Royo, Victoria Frances, Tara Mcphearson, Angel, Jason Chan and many more.

Tools of the trade?

Pens and Acrylic inks

Best and worst piece of work?

Best – Probably project zombie
Worst – Pandora graphic novel page 1-2

Any Tips or advice to share with aspiring designers?

Find your own voice and with that you will shine.


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