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Hello all! Hope you had a fabulous Bank Holiday Weekend! Sorry this is a bit late but have been uber busy! So here it goes!


The sixth feature on the design blog is Lorna Oakley. Lorna is a Fashion Stylist who styles fashion and lifestyle shoots. Her work is inspiring and I love her quirky style!

– Interview

Welcome to the Design Blog Lorna!

Lorna Berni

Lorna Oakley

Tell us a bit about what you do:

I’m a typical multi-tasking individual – I am a wardrobe stylist for commercial and advertising photographers, I’m also a personal stylist and shopper for individual clients and I run my own retail website business selling luxury accessories from brands such as Gucci and Prada. I love what I do – and I particularly love adding my own personal touch to my styling work – my outfits are stylish yet individual – I don’t wish to create a look that will be seen on everyone else. There are enough fashion clones out there but its a fashionable individual that is a stylish one.

How did you get into styling fashion and lifestyle shoots?

I got into styling naturally from having my own business and word of mouth. I pride myself on being punctual and polite! I have been very fortunate with the photographers and clients I have worked with.

What type of fashion?

I love strong clean lines and high end glamour. I’d like to say my work is polished with a quirky detail.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ooh, thats a tough one, I’d like to have a few more national publications under my belt, after all who wouldnt want their work published in vogue!

How do you rate yourself as a fashion stylist?

Best ask my clients and the people i work with!

In your eyes what makes a good fashion stylist?

I can tell you what makes a bad stylist and that is someone who copies looks straight out of a shop window – thats not styling, thats advertising. There is no thought process to that, but its seen everywhere! There are fashion clones everywhere you look and it can be depressing that there’s a lack of stylish individuality.
Someone who can create style can be a good fashion stylist. It takes vision and understanding of the elements you are working with from fabrics, silhouettes, body shapes and current trends.

Do you think the Fashion industry is difficult to break into?

Yes and no…I am grateful for the positive people who I work with and I am aware of my good luck, its hard work but its worth it.

What drives you/give you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

Everything does, I’m inspired by everything….my friends and the people i work with are used to having mad emails with random jpegs attched to them, but thats how it starts doesnt it? A little idea that snowballs into something amazing….and thats what keeps me looking and learning.

Does fame attract you?

Anonimity and money is better than fame any day, my job is to stay behind the camera!

Whats the biggest fashion styling shoot you have done?

Hmm, I’m excited to say that its a biggie, but its in the pipeline – wait and see!!

Any disasters?

I dont believe anything is a disaster if you learn from it!

Three words to describe yourself?

Happy, Fashion, Nerd

Hobbies and other interests?

Predictably I am a shopaholic, but I’m also quite sad in the fact that I collect fashion and photography books, they are piled up everywhere in my house…in my office, spare room, everywhere…

Favourite Stylist?

Tom Ford every time – he’s genius!

Tools of the trade?

Everyone who works with me has seen ‘the holdall’ this has everything in it, a sewing kit (I have been known to make a dress on the spot for one shoot), hair bands, tights, underwear…you name it, it’s in there. and of course, an ebay account is also a valuable tool.

Any Tips or advice to share with aspiring Fashion Stylists?

You have to emerse yourself not just in fashion,in art, in interiors in other cultures and believe in yourself! be confident and positive….and never ever be late!


Find Lorna’s work at:

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Some of Lorna’s Work:

Tea Party

Tea Party

Bright Colours

Bright Colours

Fashion Shoot

Fashion Shoot

Fashion Shoot

Fashion Shoot

Need a hardworking, polite and quirky stylist? Contact Lorna NOW!


My Favourites:

Bright Colours

Bright Colours

Fashion Shoot

Fashion Shoot

Fashion Shoot


Enjaneek Lewis

Hi Lorna,

I’m a student at CSU studying fashion design and I came across your page and discovered that not only do you have my dream job, but you’re also a muse for my design line that I’m creating for my capstone and I was wondering if you would do me the honor of taking a short survey for target market research for me?
If you can, please contat me at:

Thank you so much,

Enjaneek Lewis


Hello Lorna,

My dream is to become a fashion stylist, but my question is, do I have to go to school to study something? Did you go to school and if you did where did you study to become a stylist. This would really help me a lot.

Thank you,


thank you both for your lovely comments, i apologise big time for my super late response….

i shouldnt advocate skipping education, but from personal experience, the best stylists i have me, and i am by no way the best, have done this through their own passion for what they do.

i would be more than happy to assist anyone in their dream to become a stylist, its long hours, frustrating and sometimes i feel that i’m not quite good enough….but then you see the final results and you feel so proud.

i’m always here if you would like to email me on

good luck both, in following your dreams….remember think positive !!


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