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The seventh feature on the design blog is Rimae Clothing. Nathan and Jessica are new and upcoming fashion designers who create outstandingly stylish and beautiful knitted garments.

– Interview

Welcome to the Design Blog Nathan!

Rimae Clothing

Rimae Clothing

Where did the idea for Rimae come from?

Rimae Clothing has always been around in my thoughts.  I first started designing and customising clothes for friends and family.  The original name I chose for the clothing brand was different to what it is now showing that the clothes have gone through many stages to get to what I am happy with now.  I have always really enjoyed making and designing clothes, but it wasn’t until I met my partner Jessica that I really believed that I could transform the hobby into a business.  We work well as a team   and we both get involved with the designing and business side of things but I focus more on the design side where as Jess focuses more on the business side.

What type of fashion clothing?

Rimae Clothing produces trend setting knitwear which is perfect for the independent people who follow their stylistic flair. Jessica and I have created a luxurious sustainable clothing brand as the clothes are made from a fabric content consisting of both bamboo and cashmere.  We believe that bamboo fibre will be the future of fashion.

Do you have your clothes in any stores yet?

Rimae Clothing is selling Cardigan’s in two styles online at We have a marketing manager where currently selling our Cardigans in Italy, and locally Rimae Clothing is selling in ‘The Wardrobe’ High Street Arcade Cardiff.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Wow in five years time, good question! We have set many stepping stones or targets if you prefer to obtain our business goals.  In five years time we would like to have the full male Rimae Clothing collection to be available in at least 50 accounts in selected stores around the United Kingdom.

Anything big planned for your range of clothes? Anything else being added to your collection?

Rimae Clothing is planning to get more sustainable clothing to the consumer, creating jeans, shirts and everyday attire from sustainable resources whilst creating a vast amount of sort after colours. The garments that Rimae Clothing produces are timeless. This is prefect for us as it gives us an incredible advantage when it comes to designing our next range in a chosen garment from the Rimae Clothing collection.

We have made plans for getting our range into places such as Selfridges, House of Fraser and many other department stores.  To get the clothes in big department stores would be a great achievement for the future of Rimae Clothing.

How do you rate yourself as a fashion designer?

As fashion designers Jessica and I rate ourselves very highly. We have to; it’s something that we love very much. We enjoy designing clothes and its processes as well as liaises with independent boutiques, we find Rimae Clothing very fulfilling.

In your eyes what makes a good fashion designer?

In our eyes what makes a good designer is someone who enjoys what they do someone who can portray an idea which people can grasp and understand but also be receptive to what your mind has been inspired to create.

Do you think the Fashion industry is difficult to break into?

To break into the fashion industry is not easy but it doesn’t have to be an up hill nightmare either. As long as you keep going and going and going you will always reach your goals just because you didn’t give up and you had faith.  We have had to overcome countless obstacles which our strong belief in the clothes has given us the strength not to give up and to keep on going.

What drives you/give you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

What drives us and keeps us going is the fact that we love this and want to do this.  There is no better feeling of walking passed people in the street who are wearing the Rimae Clothing garments and we can say that we designed and produced that. It’s the thought of designing clothes that people instantly fall in love with and want to go and tell someone about it.

The fact that, if we keep going we can one day have our own Rimae Clothing stores in the major cities in the United Kingdom. More importantly what keeps us going, is the fact that we can create a business that our children’s children can take forward and be proud of what they are and what Rimae Clothing stands for.

Does fame attract you?

Does fame attract me, to be famous is great but not for me. Maybe for Jessica, lol get her nails done free etc joke. But what ever comes with the territory is the price we pay for our hard work and constant efforts. I Suppose if we wanted to be famous we would have called it after ourselves but its named after our daughter but the funny thing is now that all our children will have to have the name Rimae somewhere in there name so they don’ t feel left out. But to be honest I am more than happy just to be satisfied to accumulate what we have and will achieve.  We would like to be successful- but for our own gain so we can provide a good life for ourselves and our daughter success-yes-fame-no!

Where does your inspiration come from for your designs?

A lot of our ideas and thoughts come to us when we are asleep. I have a bad habit that I always have to sleep with a pen and a piece of paper on the floor next to me in the bedroom just in case I need to draw or write something down. We like to use different things when it come to designing, things that you wouldn’t automatic think that would work but for some incredible reason they do. A lot of inspiration comes from everyday things that are around us and previous drawings.

Where can we buy your clothes?

You can buy our clothes from our ecommerce website which accepts pay pal user’s at or in ‘The Wardrobe’ High Street Arcade, we are promoting our luxurious black cardigan’s.

Three words to describe yourself?

Three words to describe ourselves Fun, Driven and Glamorous.

Hobbies and other interests?

Jessica and I love the thought of property development, interior design and Monaco singing, dancing and acting lol. The only other hobbies that I have myself is playing rugby, Jessica likes to swim.

Favourite Fashion Designer?

Our favourite designer to date is Oswald Boateng a London based fashion designer, he has created some amazing bespoke suits for some high class people.

Tools of the trade?

Tools of the trade are to always have sharp scissors and thick skin.

Any Tips or advice to share with aspiring designers?

Tips for aspiring fashion designers, fashion design is not rocket science, don’t apply to much pressure on yourself as if one door is closed to you a better more favourable one will be opened on to you.

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Some photos of the Rimae Collection:

Rimae Clothing

Rimae Clothing

Rimae Clothing

Rimae Clothing

Rimae Clothing

Rimae Clothing

Rimae Clothing Collection

Rimae Clothing Collection


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