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Today we have the second feature of Fashion Designer Week! We have Sarah Cook from Cookies Lingerie! Sarah designs and hand makes cute, gorgeous and luxurious lingerie!


Hello and Welcome to Design Splat Sarah!

Tell us a bit about what you do and your brand:

My name is Sarah Cook and I founded Cookies lingerie. Cookies Lingerie is a luxury handmade lingerie website, selling alluring everyday essentials, heavenly special occasion lingerie and yummy accessories. Our first collection is ‘The Cupcake Collection’ inspired by scrumptious cupcakes and confectionary with cute cupcake print and soft cotton floral fabric are matched with beautiful pom-pom and lace trims! We pride ourselves on supplying luxury handmade underwear at affordable prices and prefect cheap girly gift ideas.

Where did the idea for your brand come from?

Whilst studying at University, I saw a gap in the market for cute, affordable luxury underwear for young ladies and this started off my thought process in starting Cookies Lingerie. After a lot of research on my target market and rough design sketches I took a trip to Paris, here I stumbled on the most adorable fabrics and this is when I really started to in vision what I wanted Cookies Lingerie to be and represent. On my return back to the UK I become fixated on the brand and the idea of what it could become and ran with my ideas, designs and dreams.

What type of lingerie?

Cookies Lingerie has affordable handmade lingerie for 14-25 year olds. At you will find dainty floral angelic cupcake prints, soft cup bras, comfortable knickers and thongs, bodices, suspender belts and eye masks.

Who is your target audience?

Cookies Lingerie target audience is young ladies of 14-25. We wanted to make affordable underwear for young ladies around the world with cheap gift ideas for girls to share with friends.

Do you have your lingerie in any stores yet?

We aim to build a strong web-based customer profile with the ambition to open small boutiques around the UK in the future. It’s not something we want to rush into just yet but watch this space!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

We would love to be able to expand Cookies Lingerie as quickly as possible; we aim to do this by keeping our new collections, exciting, luxurious and affordable. We would love to open small boutiques in the future but for now, keep checking out the website, Facebook group and Twitter!

Anything big planned for your collection?

Cookies Lingerie next collection is in the design stages; we are having great fun sourcing new fabrics, testing out what works and what doesn’t and getting to the bottom of what our target audience wants next and how we can exceed their expectations!

How do you rate yourself as a lingerie designer?

Hmmm what a difficult question! One in which I don’t think I can answer… feedback from customers and sales will be a good indicator for how I should portray myself as a designer.

In your eyes what makes a good lingerie designer?

One of the most difficult aspects of designing is transforming what you have on paper, to creating a finished piece. If you can make that transformation with your original concept shining through you have a good advantage, then it’s just about making sure the fit is perfect, hitting your target markets needs, creating something new and exciting garments and meeting price points. Once all this comes fairly naturally you can start really experimenting with your ideas which is when I think you can become a good lingerie designer.

Do you think the Fashion/Clothing industry is difficult to break into?

The fashion industry is notoriously difficult to break into… talent, ambition and determination is a brilliant starting point and, hopefully, the beginning of a wonderful career in fashion.

What do you think it takes to become successful in the design industry?

I think it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and talent to become successful in the design industry… and a bit of luck on your side! Finding a niche in the market and pinpointing your target audience is also important, it’s about getting the right levels of creativity, skill and business.

Do you think qualifications in Fashion are essential to succeeding in the fashion industry?

I have a BETC National Diploma in Fashion Design and a BA Fashion and Contour Degree, which has given me a fantastic starting point for a lifetime of learning more about the industry. As long as you have passion and a great willingness to learn, I don’t think it is imperative you have qualifications in fashion, but it worked for me and I think if you are serious about a career in fashion it’s something to seriously consider. Coupled with this, work placements were a brilliant way of seeing the day to day work of different aspects of the industry and would encourage anyone to start these as soon as possible, to find out what aspect of the industry you enjoy the most plus they look great on your CV.

What to you is the most important aspect of creating a garment, the planning, design or implementation and why?

I would say all three are all essential to creating a successful garment or collection but the design aspect is key. Planning is important to see things run smoothly and on time; design to perfect your ideas and then skill and technique in construction.

What drives you/give you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

At times it can be stressful and I put a lot of pressure on myself to create something which I really love and hopefully what others will love. I’m very passionate about Cookies Lingerie and I try to stay focused on what I have to do. The sense of achievement when it is finished and positive feedback drives me to carry on.

Does fame attract you?

Fame isn’t what attracted me to have a career in lingerie design and production, if it comes along, it has its perks but my heart lies in the work I do, not how famous I may become.

What obstacles – if any, have you encountered along the way?

As this is my first business there have been a lot of learning curves along the way! My brother, who also owns his own online business has been a huge help and has helped me get to where I am now. Along with this, tremendous support from family and friends and colleagues has been unbelievable and had huge favours from hair stylist and make-up artist Laura Soper, photographers Ian Piper and Adrian Brown and website design by Steve Fenn and Dan Cook. The pattern cutting and toil process took the longest before finalising Cookies Lingerie underwear; I wanted to perfect the fit of garments so took my time getting this right.

Where does your inspiration come from for your designs?

My current collection is inspired by cupcakes; I wanted to create a cute girly collection that is both wearable but special, not something you could just pick up on the high street. The collection ranges from soft cup bras, knickers, thongs, basques suspender belts and eye masks. Delicate floral prints and bold cupcake prints are complimented by pretty trims to bring together an eye catching, enticing collection.

Where can we buy your items?

You can shop at

Three words to describe yourself?

Positive, energetic, driven

Hobbies and other interests?

On my precious time off I enjoy rummaging in antique and vintage shops, going to exhibitions, going on trips away with friends. I think it’s important to keep a balance of work and pleasure to keep my creative juices flowing and reflect on the work I have done.

Favourite Lingerie Designer?

Ell & Cee have some really beautiful pieces; I also work for Agent Provocateur and I am truly inspired by their brand image and designs.

Favourite trend this season?

I don’t tend to follow trends myself, but it is good to know what is out there and people are like. I love all the bold, rich colours and contrasting pastels set for Spring 2011, I find all prints and textures I have seen in fashion shows really exciting and moreish.

Tools of the trade?

I have a brilliant sewing machine, over locker and iron which have been a very good investment! I have also roped in friends and family members to use their areas of expertise to help me along the way.

Any Tips or advice to share with aspiring designers?

Think positively, be hard working and determined and never lose sight of what you want to achieve.

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Some of the stunning pieces from the the Cupcake Collection:

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