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Posted January 29th by Design Splat in #WW - Writers Wednesday

Our #WW of this week – all be it a couple of days late is Shoe Trends for 2011! #WW is our new Writers Wednesday where a guest writer will be writing all about design!


Shoes trends for spring 2011

Christmas and New Year have only just passed into memory, but already we are moving on through winter apace. The darkest day is thankfully done and dusted and we have totally exhausted ourselves trawling through sales in an attempt to pick the best bargains overhanging from 2010. So as we leave the dullest month behind and take striding steps closer to April, we can all rejoice in soon feeling spring in the air.

With spring, not only is the countryside alive with colour and the daffodils are in full bloom, but it’s also a new fashion season. As the days lengthen and we reacquaint ourselves with the sun and its warmth, we can enjoy open toed shoes, skirts without leggings and healthy hair, not dampened or frizzed into a birds nest.

So aside from the obvious natural benefits of springtime, what can we look forward to in terms or fashion, or more precisely, food fashion?

Just as the fields and meadows will blossom into a rainbow of colour, so will our shoes. Bold prints in a kaleidoscope of colours, often clashing and garish, will be on the very top of our most-wanted lists. Salmon pink and lime are hot, bold colours that will feature heavily.

Aside from this new wave of colour that will replace the nude and muted tones of autumn and winter will be a rekindling of our romance with peep-toe stilettos and boots. In fact, we go so much to say that, if you don’t own at least one pair of peep-toe shoes come May, you are not worth your weight in fashion.

Seeing as skirts and figure hugging bondage dresses are going to be pack, 80’s inspired platform slingbacks are a must. Look for matt-brushed leather in royal or cobalt blues and get into the power-dressing mood. Try this look in suede for more evening sophistication.

The platform clog is back. It first got a re-airing last summer, but it is back, with a vengeance in 2011. Clogs are going to be the perfect pairing for another reworked look this summer, 70’s styled giant bellbottom jeans.

Flats wise, brogues are a pair of shorts’ best friends, but if you want something more feminine, look for ribbon laces in a more Mary-Jane styled shoe.

Check out New Look for a huge range of shoes to see you through spring and summer.

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